Nikola Tesla musem

The Nikola Tesla Museum honors the life and achievements of one of the most well-known inventors in history and is situated in Belgrade, Serbia. The museum was founded in 1952 and is located in a home that originally belonged to Tesla's family.

Numerous Tesla-related exhibits and artefacts, including his original creations and laboratory tools, are housed in the museum. Along with some of his personal belongings, including his favorite chair and walking stick, visitors can view original drawings, manuscripts, and photographs by Nikola Tesla.

The interactive exhibits at the museum, which let visitors witness many of Tesla's innovations in action, are one of its main attractions. A presentation of Tesla's renowned Tesla coil, which creates amazing electrical arcs and sparks, is one example. Additionally, working replicas of some of Tesla's other creations, including his wireless communication system and bladeless turbine, are available for viewing by visitors.

The Tesla Archive, which houses over 160,000 original documents on Tesla's life and career, is another noteworthy exhibit in the museum. The archive is available to the public for research and is a priceless tool for academics and researchers interested in examining Tesla's legacy.
Along with these regular educational and cultural activities, the museum also holds lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. These activities aim to raise awareness of Tesla's contributions and to encourage future generations of scientists and inventors.

Overall, anyone interested in the history of science and technology should visit the Nikola Tesla Museum. It gives visitors of all ages a fascinating look into the life and work of one of the greatest inventors in history and offers a plethora of educational resources and exhibits. It is strongly advised that you visit the Nikola Tesla Museum if you ever find yourself in Belgrade.

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